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  1. hillclaas 22. 06 2011

    Mod: Map by KubioQ
    Do NOT waste your time with this JUNK! This is not even a finished map. Too many crapp maps these days.

  2. hillclaas 22. 06 2011

    Mod: Map by Yahoo go
    "Beta" maps are always a huge let down, i have no need for unfinished work.

  3. hillclaas 22. 06 2011

    Mod: Beef Farm
    Another "English" map, all UK maps have tight farm yards and they all seem to look very much the same. I do not like UK maps, they seem to run real bad and are never nice to look at. This is a small map and it still "lags". It is a 1 star map at best.

  4. hillclaas 22. 06 2011

    Mod: Lamborghini VICTORY 260
    This is not a five star mod! Why do people not test before they rate things, stupid kids!

  5. hillclaas 22. 06 2011

    Mod: Cat Challenger MT mit kran
    Top TEN "DUMBEST" mods EVER! Yea this is on the list!

  6. hillclaas 22. 06 2011

    Mod: Polska Mapa
    There is this button on your keypad that says "prtscn" which means PRINT SCREEN, this is how you take "pictures" Also there are letters on the keyboard, these are used to write "WORDS" which are then used to write a "description". I hope this helps, if you need anymore help with "common sense" i will be around!

  7. hillclaas 21. 06 2011

    Mod: Claas Medion 340
    How about some pictures of the "MOD"? that would be great. I will not waste a download on without pictures.

  8. hillclaas 18. 06 2011

    Mod: John Deere 7710
    I can NOT use it because the "working mirrors" cause my game to "lag" or jerk real bad as with all working mirrors just so useless and not needed. Another WASTED download!

  9. hillclaas 18. 06 2011

    Mod: CASE IH CVX 225 FL
    Reflections are JUNK, Tires are Junk, i give it a 1 out of 5, not good!

  10. hillclaas 15. 06 2011

    Mod: 4-Stöckiges Parkhaus
    It really does not matter to me honestly, i mean if i get a map with this thing in it i will more than likely just delete the map. Most of the time i like the realism of the game. I just think it is funny when people belittle something and then other people try to play Mom and Dad. It is pretty clear what the mod is for, i mean really its for parking and the only place you see these things are inside big cities not on a farm. If it is a "simulator" game which this is, than there really is no place for these type of mods except for "private" use only. But i can put myself in the modders shoes and i would feel down too if i read some negative comments, but then again i would have never consider making such an unrealistic mod. So for your effort "milli" good job, but no thanks.

  11. hillclaas 14. 06 2011

    Mod: Peuerbacher Map
    Need a better description!
    Are there cows?
    Can you sell milk?
    Is there traffic?
    What fruit types?
    How big is the map? small medium large?
    If i get some answers i might download, but i will not waste my time with UL.TO! unless i know the map is worth it!

  12. hillclaas 14. 06 2011

    Mod: Mobiler Kärcher
    So are some mods made with errors on purpose so idiots like me will download three different versions from UL.TO? Here is an idea, maybe just maybe you make the mod once, TEST it, FIX it ,test it again, and THEN upload the Final version the first time. So there is only one version, a working version. And how dare you put it on UL.TO -three times!

  13. hillclaas 13. 06 2011

    Mod: Kolosseum
    It may be useless but it still looks really cool! good job!

  14. hillclaas 13. 06 2011

    Mod: Langenfelder Agrar Map
    This is a Great Great map, i enjoy it much. Having said that, i much prefer the V2 over this version. I do NOT like the cow zone layout or the way you have to feed the cows, i do not like the bga silos at the cow zone either. The BGA in general, not good on this map. Thanks for the map it runs good looks GREAT i am having fun again, good job guys! P.S. There is a collision in field #10, left hand side.

  15. hillclaas 12. 06 2011

    Mod: mais und mais stoppeln
    It does not look very good at all and i am sure not using for a "texture" download, that's just ignorant.

  16. hillclaas 11. 06 2011

    Mod: Strautmann silo wagen
    Why is this mod here? Weapon-Smith mod, i do not think this is right. Why so many people dishonest thieves?

  17. hillclaas 11. 06 2011

    Mod: Claas Lexion 770TT
    Why mirrors?, not good!

  18. hillclaas 11. 06 2011

    Mod: Super Cleaner 7
    Nothing was fixed, so of course it STILL has ERRORS! This is NOT a high end mod, just parts taken from other mods, not very original and NOT accurate at all.

  19. hillclaas 11. 06 2011

    Mod: Fendt 936
    It is better than the other just because the reflective crapp was removed but the shiny rims still bug me and i do not like the tires. Other than that, good mod and my favorite Fendt 936 for ls11 so far.

  20. hillclaas 11. 06 2011

    Mod: Same Diamond 265 pack
    Two of the three mods are complete junk do to the "working mirrors" I already have the one without mirrors so basically i wasted my time. They would be perfect without reflective texture as well, i hate the reflective crapp. Other than that i do love this tractor very good mod.Even with a couple of small errors, texture, wheel particle, it is still usable and fun!

  21. hillclaas 10. 06 2011

    Mod: Fendt 828 Vario TMS
    If this is anything like the 933 then it is complete JUNK, i do not like errors in my log file or mods that do not work properly. As with your other mods, this is NOT recommended!

  22. hillclaas 10. 06 2011

    Mod: Claas Medion 330/340 Package
    Well i gave em a run and they work great, good texture, you have to use cruise 2. Good harvest speed and top speed.
    Grain tank Capacity=7500,fruit type, standard plus sunflower.
    I found no log error yet. I can only recommend for small to medium farmers. Good mod, thanks to the makers!

  23. hillclaas 09. 06 2011

    Mod: Claas Medion 330/340 Package
    Wow i have not see a Medion for a long time, they look cool, i'll see how they run.

  24. hillclaas 08. 06 2011

    Mod: neuer Regen sound mit gewitter
    Great mod, sound is fantastic, highly recommended!

  25. hillclaas 08. 06 2011

    Mod: JCB Fastrac 185-65
    It runs great and looks good, it has plenty of power, only thing i think it is missing is an ES-limiter. Good job Prchy!

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  26. hillclaas 08. 06 2011

    Mod: john deere 4440 fl
    If there was any tractor that did NOT need reflective texture it is an OLD 1970's tractor. I have a 4430 and it has NEVER been this shiny, not even new.

  27. hillclaas 07. 06 2011

    Mod: Frasercows map
    WARNING! DO NOT use UL.TO! Here is the REAL LINK.
    Map runs good but i just do not like uniform fields right next to each other, looks like an assembly line in a factory, not for me. good job though "Frasercow"
    Falcon222, dam you for using, not cool man! not cool at all!

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  28. hillclaas 07. 06 2011

    Mod: BGA Control
    How cool is this mod, such a GREAT idea! Great job and thank you much!

  29. hillclaas 07. 06 2011

    Mod: Pöttinger Synkro 2600
    Mod looks very good, nice texture i think it is my favorite type of texture, good job!

  30. hillclaas 07. 06 2011

    Mod: Farndishmap
    Well it looks like you just wasted four months of your life for nothing, this is the second time the map has FAILED. Never go for looks over functionality. A few maps out there that have both, and are very successful and error free. This map just fell WAY short of its mark. Sorry your map is a complete failure.

  31. hillclaas 07. 06 2011

    Mod: Claas Mega 204
    Yea it has been out for a while but it still needs standard controls for the header, i can not stand the page up page down crapp!

  32. hillclaas 06. 06 2011

    Mod: HKD 402 MB ND
    Come on now, this is not a "premium mod" by no means.

  33. hillclaas 06. 06 2011

    Is this the 100% yield "Stoll Pack" Re-skin?

  34. hillclaas 06. 06 2011

    Mod: Langenfelder Agrar Map
    Yea from the comments i read it looks like i will wait for V2, but the map does look very nice! Good job.

  35. hillclaas 06. 06 2011

    Mod: Väderstad XT new
    What a terrible little mod. NO safe mode, No default controls, easy for me to DELETE!!

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