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  1. Matinho 23. 11 2013

    Mod: Holmer Terra Dos T2
    Holmer have special combine for potato and other vegetables, it calls Holmer Terra Melix :) Terra Dos is only for sugarbeets.

  2. Matinho 29. 10 2013

    Mod: Holmer Terra Dos

    Nickelton, thanks for this sounds addon, I'd like to use them in V3, if you permit :)

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  3. Matinho 26. 10 2013

    Mod: Working on V2 version.
    Schwongo4467, I just wrote in description "I have more plans for this model, like Holmer T2 and T3"

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  4. Matinho 08. 04 2013

    Mod: Rolnin TA 110
    Thanks guys, I will try to fix all problems in the future :)
    // Danke Jungs, ich werde versuchen, alle Probleme in der Zukunft :) beheben

  5. Matinho 27. 11 2011

    Mod: Rübenroder Stoll V202 Fix
    thanks for all the
    comments! And also
    SchorschiBW for this
    fix :) now I working
    on the next version
    having a detailed
    model, more animations
    and all fixes
    included:) greet