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  1. Napalm_vfr 04. 01 2015

    Mod: VolvoFH16 2012 Transport
    2 Breaches of Copyright.

    1: SCS are the creators of the FH16;

    2: FMC are the creators of the Trailer -

    This mod is to be removed with immediate effect.

  2. Napalm_vfr 09. 06 2013

    Mod: Hooklift Pack Trailer and implements
    @jds-bully - Incorrect, full permission was obtained in collaboration with Vertex Design.

  3. Napalm_vfr 01. 05 2013

    Mod: Small Farming Pack
    Sigh....another person who does not keep to our copyright, once again Modhoster fails to check the uploads.

    Upload is now reported.

  4. Napalm_vfr 11. 04 2013

    Mod: Richard Western SF14
    This model belongs to the admins of FS-UK, it needs to be removed.

  5. Napalm_vfr 15. 11 2012

    Mod: Weem Leicht verändert
    No permission given for this edit to be uploaded.

    FMC request this map is removed and people respect our copyright.

  6. Napalm_vfr 01. 08 2012

    Mod: Massey Ferguson 690

    That is the original download link, please remove the uploaded one.

  7. Napalm_vfr 15. 02 2012

    Mod: Multi-Fruit Installer
    Thanks for the comments guys.

    As this is a beta version we are hoping to progress it to being able to add harvest able fruits in the future.

  8. Napalm_vfr 30. 01 2012

    Mod: The Parsnip
    Firstly, apologies for the Google Translated description, I used to know German but it has been a long time since I have used it.

    This version of the application is technically a Beta version with a glimpse of the work that is going on. There is work on a second version which hopefully will have the ability to add Fruits to a map and possibly more.

    If there is someone willing to help translate descriptions from English to German we would be very grateful so that we can get the true nature of our mods across to you guys.


  9. Napalm_vfr 27. 01 2012

    Mod: British Map
    Nice steal - original link here -

    Love how people take others maps to make money off them.

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  10. Napalm_vfr 18. 01 2012

    Mod: Irish Silage Trailers
    No Credits?

    This mod was made by the LS-UK ModTeam

  11. Napalm_vfr 21. 11 2011

    Mod: JCB 3CX 4WD
    PLEASE REMOVE THIS MOD - Permission was not given to upload this mod to other hosts.

    Suggest action is taken against these people who steal others mods just to earn money from them.

  12. Napalm_vfr 21. 11 2011

    Mod: JCB 3CX 4WD
    Hope "Guma" got permission to upload the mod here, clearly states on LS-UK not to be uploaded any where else.

  13. Napalm_vfr 12. 11 2011

    Mod: Tree Pack
    Apologies if the translation isn't very good, I am English and don't speak German very well.

    @vwkutscher - yes they are on LS-UK but we release all our mods on here also, please stop posting comments like that.

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  14. Napalm_vfr 25. 10 2011

    Mod: New Holland TS 135A Pack
    This mod is STOLEN - Remove it please

  15. Napalm_vfr 03. 08 2011

    Mod: Bob's Farm V2
    Ok guys, remove this from your downloads area now or a DMCA legal notice is being sent, you have been asked nicely and been provided with the link, about time you showed respect to copyright holders.

  16. Napalm_vfr 01. 08 2011

    Mod: Bob's Farm V2
    Surprise Surprise, another map from LSUK that has been taken else where so that the thieving scumbag can get some money from some one elses creation.

    Please remove all current links on this mod and replace the Direct Download to LS-UK -

    Please do this within 24 hours of this post or a DMCA Legal notice will be issued.

  17. Napalm_vfr 25. 07 2011

    Mod: West Grain Trailer By SamN
    Please change the download link to the correct one as the description at the original download link says -

    Please do this before a DMCA legal notice is issued.

  18. Napalm_vfr 20. 07 2011

    Mod: JCB 526-56
    Once again, please remove this before a DMCA is filed against this site.

    If you don't know what a DMCA is I suggest you look it up.

    Clearly states not to be uploaded else where.

    1 Antworten

  19. Napalm_vfr 20. 07 2011

    Mod: Beacons View Dairy Farm
    Once again, please remove this before a DMCA is filed against this site.

    If you don't know what a DMCA is I suggest you look it up.

    Clearly states not to be uploaded else where.

  20. Napalm_vfr 20. 07 2011

    Mod: JCB 526-56
    Yet again you allow another stolen mod onto here, really does take the biscuit especially when it is stated in the description on LS-UK.

  21. Napalm_vfr 19. 07 2011

    Mod: Vicon LB12200 Baler
    Yet another mod that has been taken from LS-UK and uploaded elsewhere when it clearly states in the description in LS-UK that it is not to be.

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