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  1. showgunn84 19. 10 2019

    Mod: Kverneland implements
    missing ground work animation textures

  2. showgunn84 27. 11 2018

    Mod: Lely Welger D6060
    Needs to be updated to work with the grassland update

  3. showgunn84 09. 02 2014

    Mod: MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle
    .88 Map is very broken wont work for me and running RC1 patch through steam Only have items found in download and map buyable objects

    this is the error i have
    D:/code/lsim2013_desktop/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/CutterAreaEvent.lua(77) : attempt to call field 'cutFruitArea' (a nil value)
    Error: LUA running function 'update'

  4. showgunn84 05. 02 2014

    Mod: KrownikiMap
    Wheres the vehicles that its asking for in the defaultVehicles.xml that the log file says its missing? If your going to release a map with modded start vehicles, include links or its kinda pointless to add them for start vehicles.

  5. showgunn84 02. 02 2014

    Mod: Kraftstoff Verbrauchsanpassung
    Just to let you know that the alternative download link is for and not the fuel adjustment mod.

  6. showgunn84 18. 05 2013

    Mod: MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle
    Just 1 question, anyone can answer. But where is the wool sell point located at as i cant find it on the map. Thanks in advance

  7. showgunn84 05. 05 2013

    Mod: MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle
    I found out what the problem was, this isn't compatible with the included Claas combine

  8. showgunn84 05. 05 2013

    Mod: MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle
    I have a problem, I started a new save worked for a while then saved and closed the game. When I started the save again all my equipment was gone like I never bought anything.

  9. showgunn84 09. 03 2013

    Mod: Belgique Profonde 2013
    I really like the map, but I cant fill the mobile fuel tank at the farm gas station. Maybe you can look into fixing it in next update if there is one. But that's the only issue I have. Best realistic map yet for FS2013.

  10. showgunn84 23. 02 2013

    Mod: OGF USA MAP
    Its about time someone made a good USA styled map, Great job

  11. showgunn84 05. 02 2013

    Mod: Peterbilt 387
    Nice looking truck but the wipers dont wipe the rain off the windshield.

  12. showgunn84 07. 10 2012

    Mod: St.Veit am Vogau PartII
    I get this error and all i have in my mods folder is the map mod pack and required mods-

    Error: Mod 'Fendt936Vario' of vehicle 'C:/Users/Showgunn84/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2011/mods/Fendt936Vario/fendt936vario.xml' is not loaded. This vehicle will not be loaded.

  13. showgunn84 16. 06 2012

    Mod: Gross Heidekamp
    I really enjoy the map, any chance of putting traffic in for single player? Seems very deserted in single player for how large it is.

  14. showgunn84 13. 06 2012

    Mod: Gross Heidekamp
    A very nice map but Would like to know where to fill seeders at, I've been all over the map and cannot find silo locations. Thanks

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