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V 1.0 Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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Welcome to the "Truck / Trailer Puzzle Customs" [TPC] project from Belka Customs)))


If you don't really understand the essence of tuning, I do not advise using my modifications ..


This modification expands the tuning capabilities of trucks by adding new parts from other trucks from the tuning add-ons for them. The modification is independent, except for the necessary modification "BC- [TPC] Part_no_limit".


You need to buy and modify in a single player game, you can repair in Truckers MP.


There is nothing difficult to use, the main thing is to correctly position the modifications so that "BC- [TPC] Part_no_limit" is always in priority above the rest of the modifications. It is set by a simple selection of a part, in order to completely delete a part, you must first select the Delete Part, then click Delete ..


If you find an error while using the modification, please contact me so that I can fix it.

Remember to follow Truckers MP's rules to avoid getting banned.


Please do not upload to other resources, leave the original link to this modification in the "Steam Workshop". I do not upload my modifications to other sources, except for my group in VK and do not bear any responsibility for them! When downloading from a third-party resource, you can also download a virus!


Feature list:

-Lowerbar from all tuning dls;

-Bullbars from all tuning dls;

-Lightbars from all tuning dls;

-Rear bumpers from all tuning dls;

-Rear and side exhaust from all tuning dls;

-LED plate under the windshield of all tuning dls;

-Front and rear mudflaps from all tuning dls;

-And much more..

-Works in Truckers MP!


Supported modifications:

BC- [TPC] Part_no_limit

BC- [TPC] Trailer_Puzzle_Custom

BC- [TPC] Truck_Puzzle_Custom

BC- [TPC] Krone_Puzzle_Custom

BC- [TPC] Schwarzmuller_Puzzle_Custom


Sequence of use (Do everything in a single game):

1. Download the mod;

2. Search for modification "Part_no_limit", it won't work without it !!!!!

3. Go into the game and connect the mods in the profile (Mod Manager);

3.1. We always put the "BC- [TPC] Part_no_limit" modification priority above the others !!!

4. Go to "Service";

5. Build a truck;

6. Pay;

6.1 Go to Truckers MP.


Modell: Belka647
Textur: Belka647
Idee / Konzept: Belka647
Sonstige: Belka647


  • 12. April, 02:42 Uhr
    Version 1.0


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V 1.0
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