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I'm just an ordinary guy, who loves to play Farming Simulator and also love Apple products.
  1. Kristjan1988 16. 05 2020

    Mod: CLAAS Xerion 4500
    Hello there,
    Firs of all, nice tractor, works well, thank you.
    But, when I want to buy weights got a message that weights can't be purchased...
    I have V 2.5.

  2. Kristjan1988 09. 03 2016

    Mod: New Holland Rice Pack
    Rice production exist in Italia.

  3. Kristjan1988 09. 03 2016

    Mod: New Holland Rice Pack
    Like it. Could you make Claas Lexion in Rice Edition too?
    You know how to do it, I don't.

  4. Kristjan1988 13. 11 2015

    Mod: Bossini Ra 200
    I was thinking it's the one with the stripes.

  5. Kristjan1988 22. 04 2015

    Thanks Ago, amazing trailer for transporting vehicles & bales. I love all Italian farming stuffs!
    Great work.

  6. Kristjan1988 23. 12 2014

    Mod: Platzierbare Haufen
    Only the v 2.0 work for me.

  7. Kristjan1988 25. 09 2014

    Mod: La Ferme Limousine 2013
    Both versions crashes for me right after loading.

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  8. Kristjan1988 22. 09 2014

    Mod: Disc 520 mit Trailer
    The trailer isn't good :(
    Header slip off the trailer right after I load it on.

  9. Kristjan1988 05. 09 2014

    Mod: Hagenstedt mit neuer BGA
    Looks fantastic!
    Really wonderful work.

  10. Kristjan1988 03. 09 2014

    Mod: Land Of Italy
    The game crashes for me when go near the sheep shield.
    Otherwise works fine and is good, but when I'm near the sheep shield the game always crash.

  11. Kristjan1988 17. 09 2013

    Mod: Monstopia
    It crashes for me at loading point.
    I always have problems with map like KernStadt, it crashes for me at loading or at some places in game.

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  12. Kristjan1988 29. 08 2013

    Mod: Paradise Final Edition
    Game keeps crashing at loading.
    Please fix this if possible.

  13. Kristjan1988 30. 07 2013

    Mod: Wappenswil
    Nice map, but if you make V 2.0 add BGA, please :)

  14. Kristjan1988 28. 05 2013

    Mod: Nordhausen
    Crashed for me on Mac :(

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