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  1. Raven_2012 10. 12 2016

    Mod: NorgeCrest Valley 17
    Is there a file in my save game folder that I can delete that will have the grass not show up on the CompostMaster and the woodchip building? I was using the first version of the map, then just added 1.4 and now those buildings show the grass through them. Of course if I start a new map they are fine. I just need to know what in the save game file to fix or delete to make it right.

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  2. Raven_2012 27. 11 2016

    Mod: Farming Simulator 2017 Savegame Editor
    Können Sie Option auf eigenes Feld oder nicht eigenes Feld hinzufügen?

  3. Raven_2012 03. 05 2016

    Mod: Heckhydraulik anheben
    Also note I am using the version 3.0 of your mod.

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  4. Raven_2012 03. 05 2016

    Mod: Heckhydraulik anheben
    I have a problem with this John Deere pack mod found here:

    Here is before and after pictures of what the problem is:


    As you can tell when your mod is in, it adds front hookups to the John Deere 6170r which shouldn't have any. I pulled out all mods but yours and the John Deere pack, so your mod causes the problem. I am on Windows 7 PC.


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  5. Raven_2012 29. 04 2016

    Mod: TrailerAssist
    Could you change the hot key from LCtrl + t to LCtrl + a heaptiptrigger uses LCtrl + t already. I know how to change the keys myself in the modDesc.xml. But for the 90% of people who don't know how to edit such things it would be nice.

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