HKL and containers

V 0.2.6 Mod für Cattle and Crops

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Krampe THL 21 red, green, gray
Kroger agroliner THL30 red
Stronga HL210 gray

Cramp Red, green, gray
Stronga yellow, orange


Model: xyzspain
Texture: xyzspain
Script: MBB , xyzspain
Idea / Concept: xyzspain
Testing: xyzspain
Other: more information

Known problems

* no connection for download between container and HKL missing scripts for now done in manual
* for some reason that I could not solve if tractor is disconnected with the container on the HKL can not be connected again however if it can be done if it is supported on the ground.


  • 21. November, 15:13 Uhr
    Version 0.2.6

    - text correction
    - delete unnecessary icons
    - increase the attach radio for the HKL
    - modified rotations
    - blockage of particles in containers by a forgotten connector

    - trailer for transportation of bales and containers with auto attach for transport
    - tarpaulin to protect the harvest in the containers with manual and automatic function for unloading and full load

    note: it is advisable to fix the objects that you do not want to disconnect before approaching a new one to hook, see the latest photos

  • 17. Oktober, 08:49 Uhr
    Version 0.2.6




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V 0.2.6
Cattle and Crops
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V 0.2.6
Cattle and Crops
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