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Happy virtuel farmer :)

And have a dedicated server if some like help out ;) send me a pm
  1. BertramMod 23. 10 2017

    Mod: Fliegl Timber Runner Wide With Autoload
    And a ***** add in stead get the download???....

  2. BertramMod 05. 08 2017

    Mod: Tombstone Valley
    could there not come a less spam full advert download options..
    its totaly block all on page 2 :( :( :(

  3. BertramMod 24. 08 2016

    Mod: Paradise Hills
    If I remove it starts fine....

  4. BertramMod 24. 08 2016

    Mod: Paradise Hills
    it will not start... what MOD block it.. I have removed the compost soil MOD. that help last time, but these time I cant get it to load-.- Thanks

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  5. BertramMod 18. 08 2016

    Mod: Ackendorf
    Its a great map Thanks.,.. Just.. isent there a way to remove that mud or what ever it is... for me its total ruin a good map, A little mud here and there can be ok.. But here its just too much... :(.... Thanks

  6. BertramMod 06. 01 2016

    Mod: Ringwoods
    Greetings :) Very great map... Just.. Where is that fuill loaded build in cutter placed?
    is it to wood chips???


  7. BertramMod 28. 10 2015

    Mod: Ackendorf
    The Cows is limited to show only 5 or so..
    Where can I change that?
    I like see more cows :)


  8. BertramMod 27. 10 2015

    Mod: Stationärer Hacker
    Great Mod

    I will like a lower basis ground part so it come closer to
    the drive surface level :))

  9. BertramMod 20. 10 2015

    Mod: Transador
    great good mod.. can it get a loading wagon/ tipper :)

  10. BertramMod 05. 10 2015

    Mod: Ackendorf
    Again, Does the Kalk give any effect? and
    Can the grass be changed to give some more?
    its not help use fertilizer and I dont think
    have tryed a map whit so little grass outcome-.


  11. BertramMod 04. 10 2015

    Mod: Ackendorf
    Does the kalk have any effect?

  12. BertramMod 03. 10 2015

    Mod: Ackendorf
    Does Lime/kalk have any effect?
    and can grass be furtilized?

  13. BertramMod 02. 10 2015

    Mod: Ackendorf
    Good times on the map ;)
    Question is.. there is Kalk/Lime and the GMK, but
    does the kalk/lime have any need or effect?
    and it posible get more yield of grass whit gylle
    as the Mulitimover ZZZ says??


  14. BertramMod 01. 10 2015

    Mod: Ackendorf
    Great map, Thanks
    But where is the Compost anlage?
    to make the compost?

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  15. BertramMod 30. 09 2015

    Mod: Ackendorf
    Why does it plant alfalaval or so when working the field?

    I dont have other maps or multifruit installed telling
    to plant that...


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  16. BertramMod 22. 08 2015

    Mod: Am Waldkater
    Shall there be scoup out in the cow stable-- and then
    how to do it?


  17. BertramMod 16. 08 2015

    Mod: Volkshill
    How to get Chickens from the Vie mark, have tryed boht .. fliegl and the other one.. Even raced the tractor and trailer over the fence,,, Cant find the buy options...


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  18. BertramMod 05. 08 2015

    Mod: Black Rock Valley HSSMF
    Whre to unload the Fattening chicken ??.. It keeps say
    They not accepted???? I bought them at the livestock
    market whit the suggested animal trailer..

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  19. BertramMod 04. 08 2015

    Mod: Black Rock Valley SSSMF

    The beet master says it make Pig Forage?
    How to get that out?
    or is it just not working?


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  20. BertramMod 26. 07 2015

    Mod: Black Rock Valley HSSMF
    I play the SSS but try download the HSS
    It a highly recomended great map whit many many
    hours of good time and task to do.
    It is rearly wonderfulll, thanks

  21. BertramMod 12. 07 2015

    Mod: Fendt 930 Vario TMS
    It dont Lower the Plough (Jewel 8) down to the ground and are some of a rocking horse...


  22. BertramMod 29. 06 2015

    Mod: driveControl
    well I have tryed, both german and english,
    even the drivecontrol xml set to false not stop the anoying spacebar stop So what in the description help have I missed you think?

  23. BertramMod 29. 06 2015

    Mod: driveControl
    And I try set the Shuttle either true or false and it still demand Space bar!... I just like it as in SP, just W forward.. S backwards...

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  24. BertramMod 29. 06 2015

    Mod: driveControl
    Sorry I cant read and understand all these German.
    Why cant I use the WASD when have it dedicated
    MP server?... When I hit W for drive forward, It drive
    backward? and I cant find other drive controls?


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  25. BertramMod 13. 06 2015

    Mod: Bjornelux
    Where to park the Animal trailer to get the d*** chickens out?
    I cant find any loading points.. Thanks

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  26. BertramMod 25. 03 2015

    Mod: Kenworth T800
    Download full of treads---
    Adware Generic_r.ABS
    Adware Generic6.NVT
    Adware Generic6. ABDA
    etc... etc... etc...

  27. BertramMod 17. 02 2015

    Mod: TruckSim Map
    Great map, Just bit anoying My hired drivers take
    to Africa all the time.. :(


  28. BertramMod 09. 01 2015

    Mod: Bruks
    Great mod thanks
    and not unrealistisk as suchs :

  29. BertramMod 30. 12 2014

    Mod: Ponsse Buffalo mit Bruks 806

    When enter the Ponsse, the foodstep goes up in front
    and it have a very anoying sound, Is it posible lower it
    or remove it. It seems continue even after the step is
    up and the Engine be ignited, So it cant relate to the


  30. BertramMod 28. 12 2014

    Mod: Bale Storage
    Is these compatiple whit ZZZ Bale exstension?
    He write some whit a collisions bit in the roof?
    So its waterproof and hold the bale dry.



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  31. BertramMod 27. 12 2014

    Mod: Scania R730 bruks
    still no N and M working?

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  32. BertramMod 12. 12 2014

    Mod: Scania R730 bruks
    Just make one whit a side tip in stead of these containers.
    LMK is fun but often tidiuse anoying work whit... :)

    else a great idea.. Does also miss the wood eating animation..

  33. BertramMod 12. 12 2014

    Mod: Scania R730 bruks
    Not working for me. The crane Moves. N takes the arms out,
    M just spin the crane. Cant figure out any way get the arms down where they are when vidio starts.

  34. BertramMod 22. 11 2014

    Mod: Ponsse Buffalo Hackschnitzler
    Was it posible remove the Log sticks along the side
    so there is more clean access to the Jenz.
    else a great good idea :))

  35. BertramMod 17. 11 2014

    Mod: FahrsiloExtension
    Was it posible whit a English texst. The Google translate I dont
    quite get whit the potatoe and how to mix it.. thanks

  36. BertramMod 17. 11 2014

    Mod: Papenburger
    Is there straw bedding options for the sheep?


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  37. BertramMod 17. 11 2014

    Mod: Stoll Poltergabel für Radlader
    Great Idea :) thanks
    And while at the Forest equipment, maybe look at that
    Jenz Woodchipper- Make it drive self even out driver in
    tractor and Take special the different trees there is not
    Pine and make it better to eat them. And I miss the old
    Stub remover there could clean up small branches also ;))
    Forest is fun but it shure need some over hauling :)

  38. BertramMod 16. 11 2014

    Mod: Uploader forest
    Great and fine idea.
    Just hope some fix the Wheel Loader so up down
    is as SL13... and remove that bend stearing :)

    These makes foresting more fun Thanks :)

  39. BertramMod 15. 11 2014

    Mod: Fliegl TMK 266
    Brilliant :) Thank you...

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