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  1. EddieVegas 28. 05 2013

    Mod: Schlüter Supertrac 2200TVL LS
    When I read that schlueterfan1977 has quit the modding scene I genuinely got really sad. A great modeller and mod maker is what the community has lost.. But there is a little light in the tunnel and that is you modelleicher. Thank you for keeping his and your mods alive and up to date. No really THANK YOU!.

  2. EddieVegas 08. 03 2013

    Mod: Fendt Vario 512 SCR Profi Plus
    Thank you for adding alternative download links.

    Love your mods.

  3. EddieVegas 24. 01 2013

    Mod: CaseIH Steiger 600
    You have just uploaded a mod with wheels from Big Boss Modding New Holland T9. If you read in their facebook page they it clearly says "It is totally forbidden to upload this mod without permission or the original download link to another site.

    Also can not use the same parts as the wheels, which are of use exclucivamente Modding Big Boss Mods."

    And on top of that you didn't even mention them in the credits. Remove mod and seek permission first.


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  4. EddieVegas 13. 01 2013

    Mod: Ford 4610 sound pack
    Don't worry there is coming some fords when they have released the new patch for the game...

  5. EddieVegas 26. 12 2012

    Mod: Classic UK und USA
    It clearly says it is a sound pack not a tractor pack both in the description and on the picture.

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