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Danish and well just here couse i think th game is fun.....:)
  1. Joe`s farm dk 28. 09 2015

    Mod: Bizon Z056 OLD
    Hey it does work and lift header is on ket up M lower K and to make straw stand beside the rear and press X it does not say this in any way i did understand but ...try hit them keys...also to open the top hatch to the grain tank, need too press J i believe it was, and the helper function does work to some degree, it can not lift the header or swing the overload pip out in position...but on a relative flat field and they drive is fun with all those function but in the therms of game play...not that great but in MP i can see it is fun and it is meant too be driven and not hire an worker......but but thx for the mod it toke me 15 min to find all function and the mouse function does not work in my test. well all in all i like it, the Bizon version is solid. :D thx again for sharing.

  2. Joe`s farm dk 15. 08 2015

    Mod: Enns am Gebirge
    hello okay if you are looking for a map where you feel like you are on a real farm this give you that feeling, i´m liking what i have seen and done not much yet but 2 hr and log clean , i had only some of the waterplan missing or what i do not know but cows and selling point works. great lovely map thank you for sharing this, by this dl you are giving the mods you need, i have only a handful other script but it all runs, if i should say something minor thing, F10 has some kinda steep curves when using a big harvester, but it worked. really nice map, the farm it self not too much space like many others love it, well shame i first found it now. have a nice day :D

  3. Joe`s farm dk 04. 04 2015

    Mod: Bizon TC590 Prototyp
    well does it have corn header or just for grain? looks nice and i think of getting a new harvester at sometime in my game, have atm an old Bizon running :D

  4. Joe`s farm dk 04. 04 2015

    Mod: kein Glanz
    well thank you for this useful mod and i like it a lot, work for me great no errors seen so great job

  5. Joe`s farm dk 20. 03 2015

    Mod: EierGitterBox
    hello thx for this mod works wonder and look great too when the eg is collected, thx for sharing and very easy to install, good guide and error free in my map so great. :D

  6. Joe`s farm dk 13. 03 2015

    Mod: BSS 8 rot
    looks perfect, i´m gonna dl it :D thx for sharing great work .

  7. Joe`s farm dk 05. 03 2015

    Mod: Schweinemast
    Hello it look great and works perfect, so easy too install after some advice :D but i love it and gonna stay on my map, upload a pic thx for sharing and great job, best regards

  8. Joe`s farm dk 04. 03 2015

    Mod: Misthaufen
    hello wow great object for any map really, works perfect and thx for sharing this good looking piece.

  9. Joe`s farm dk 03. 03 2015

    Mod: Amazone ZAM 1501
    Hello so great fertilizer spreader and works and look very good thanks for sharing this :D

  10. Joe`s farm dk 01. 03 2015

    Mod: LogetteByNMModding
    hi just what i need too my further building my farm :D

  11. Joe`s farm dk 28. 02 2015

    Mod: Futterrüben Texturen
    well i still think you should have a lot better rating becouse lot off players aim for best rating when wanna dl, but yea i did the corn more didn´t like the tast off beet in my mouth, but i did it too from time too time, guss i was hoping ffor a better flavor every time, but that was also feeding beets not suggarbeet,the feeding cornmaize just well before they was ready too get harvested they had the right juice and taste for me ha ha think all kinds grew up at the country had done this. still great texture love it. your most welcome.

  12. Joe`s farm dk 28. 02 2015

    Mod: Moro RAPTOR PNT 20A
    hello oohh well 300 ps for a 5 shard/row plow, mmm seam too me a bit too much of this plow need, have 4 farmers runing a 4 shard/row plow with a tractor with no more that 130 ps or hk, it is good no dubt about it but for me, the demand for ps is too great, but thank for sharing and let it flow :D best regard

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  13. Joe`s farm dk 26. 02 2015

    Mod: Futterrüben Texturen
    Hello WTF no one press the thank you bottom or vote, well shame on you guys and girls, i have only one word for this texture, AWESOME looking and looks just as or really close to what i have seen as child since i grew up at the country side beside 1 pig-farm and 2 cattle farm, one of the cattle farm did grow beets for his cattle in winter time too eat and Funky made that mod so you can feed your cattle with beets, now the beets need a new texture and this is very it for ME, i thank you for uploading, sharing it and i posted a pic so you can see it, in this rar.file there is 3 texture, 1 for the map, 1 for the plan like in trailer and shovel etc, 1 for the animation unloading and loading animation particle texture, thank you again hope too see some more great texture, one thing i like about this very much is, they look dirty, not clean or any other ready too eat, but just like you see them after picked them up, great work. gave you top stars but so many had done other wise, hope it will change because this texture is really great.

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  14. Joe`s farm dk 12. 02 2015

    Mod: Ammergauer Alpen
    Hello Nubsi and other creators.
    i have this to ad to your request, i have been around FS since 2011, seen and dl and played your maps , mods and always loved them, but now after getting my new pc and it runs everything, the thing with your mods,maps, it is very demanding for th terminal to run them smooth,(better grafik) but nerveless it is a great job you have done too this map again and i´m gonna play this for sure in this weekend, look very great and some good vid you have been given to open ppl eyes for this art work, i respect all creators for their work for i know it take so much time, time is =life. so when you and others take your time to make this for us to enjoy i do not understand why ppl do not take 2 sec of their time too rate,thx so on... any mods they have tested or use, i thank you for your work for th FS community to enjoy and i hope to find more of your work when ever they are ready. :D fan of yours and others creators work.

  15. Joe`s farm dk 11. 02 2015

    Mod: Apfelmod
    hello well i have not test this one yet but all other mods from you regarding this extra fruits, works error free so looking forward to see this one in my game as well, thx for sharing your work. :D

  16. Joe`s farm dk 07. 02 2015

    Mod: Kujawska
    really great map and i can not stress this more that this map IS ERROR FREE play normal at 40 mods think it can support more if THE MODS YOU USE IS BUG FREE, every things work ai and combiner mod and gps and course play all works in this map and the map look awesome. love it the bales stay on trailer and so on. thx for sharing this really love it.

  17. Joe`s farm dk 06. 02 2015

    Mod: Texturen Gülle Mist Kalk
    Thank you for your very nice demonstration, even it is in German i understand it very easy, look great and for me very great work. thx for sharing :D

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  18. Joe`s farm dk 28. 01 2015

    Mod: Niva Agro Pack
    Hello i will give my thanks for this great old lady which gone make me feel warm inside, it is perfect total awesome sound, look and texture,down side is very small and no maize header, well i enjoy this and thx for sharing.

  19. Joe`s farm dk 27. 01 2015

    Mod: Cestari 9000 L
    look when making these overloader, change the type from tipper to overloader other wise can CP not use these as overloader.

  20. Joe`s farm dk 27. 01 2015

    Mod: Randon GrainLiner
    is the eroor it has fix??? texture.

  21. Joe`s farm dk 25. 01 2015

    Mod: Zaun
    hello thx for this fence and it really looks great ingame, so i do not understand this rating at all,i will upload pic when i have it ready. thx for sharing :D

  22. Joe`s farm dk 23. 01 2015

    Mod: Stabules à vaches
    very nice, look really great in game thx for sharing

  23. Joe`s farm dk 21. 01 2015

    Mod: Coldborough Farm
    Hello GREAT map and lots of thinking instead of racing and man it look very real to me , some part of it could look like where i´m living here in denmark,just lot more flat but we do have the slope (more flat slope ) :D , the trees make it look real :D i have just started it so i think awesome gj and thx for sharing.....

  24. Joe`s farm dk 13. 01 2015

    Mod: Boden Texturen schwer nass
    Hello thx for this dark texture, look really nice and thx for sharing, did upload some pic of the plow texture .

  25. Joe`s farm dk 20. 12 2014

    Mod: Deutz 745RTS
    Hello thx for this nice mod and i have no errors in my log so for me it is error free :D works great, but the suspension is too stif or it does not follow the small hole in the field or road. but i like thx for sharing.

  26. Joe`s farm dk 07. 12 2014

    Mod: Öffentliche Toilette
    funny i do not have those errors

  27. Joe`s farm dk 07. 12 2014

    Mod: Öffentliche Toilette
    Hello thx for this nice item, looks great on my map, now my workers has a place to go :) thx for sharing

  28. Joe`s farm dk 07. 12 2014

    Mod: Futterlager
    Hello so i have add it to my map and i have to say, it toke me a little while before i made it work, but it all works so great, awesome texture and got it fit where i wanted it, so thx for sharing your work hope more stuff for my newly started map :)

  29. Joe`s farm dk 07. 12 2014

    Mod: Überdachtes Fahrsilo
    Hello it looks so great just add it to my map. :D thx for sharing

  30. Joe`s farm dk 06. 12 2014

    Mod: Ropa Keiler II
    Hello I like this version and it looks just like 2 farmers ROPA here in my area, and ye they run firstly to remove the tops and the pick up the crops. just as it is in life no fast way to do it when you are a small farmer. thx for sharing :)

  31. Joe`s farm dk 29. 11 2014

    Mod: dodge ram car service
    thx for this car, works great and fun way to make it out to your fields. thx for sharing

  32. Joe`s farm dk 18. 11 2014

    Mod: Bjornholm
    Hello thx for the map version and works pretty good, little long load but no errors and the straw on field looks great, but the screen taring is not here :D thx for sharing.

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  33. Joe`s farm dk 17. 11 2014

    Mod: Case IH JXU 85 und 115
    Hello it is a nice mod and works really great, cool sound and front-loader-console works, what is for me, it has only 115 hp and that is a bit too lowe since we have already shop list full of small tractors, i had hope for a more medium size one, buut thx for sharing and it really need more likes, than it has got. :D

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  34. Joe`s farm dk 12. 11 2014

    Mod: Kroeger Brantneraufbau
    Hello super animation better than the standard, meaning no unload before it is open the klap, :D looks great and awesome in game thx for sharing.

  35. Joe`s farm dk 11. 11 2014

    Mod: GPS
    Hello i like this and it has auto steering option m.m awesome, but the auto steering is very cool it gonna make the turn for you and all you have too do, is forward and back, easy, i think it make the game more fun and gonna make use of tools like they should, when driving your self :D,(safe money on workers) i have no problem with this mod nor performance, but i also have a new pc, all setting at the highest settings and no lag, log clean so fare and i run it together with mostly scripting mods and the ad-on at bjørnholm map standard, in total i use like 8 mods atm and no problem. thx for sharing your work and love it, it is played in sp.

  36. Joe`s farm dk 11. 11 2014

    Mod: AutoCombine
    Hallo so nice mod and the risk is worth it, this mod runs and just works great :D hope to see the placeableheap :D thx for sharing your awesome work

  37. Joe`s farm dk 10. 11 2014

    Mod: Fendt Farmer 310 LSA
    Hello thx for this awesome Fendt looks great and runs great in game, it is error free and works perfect for me, since i use in FS2015 the standard tools and all, so it is needed to be great mod before i gonna get, so this is for me a great mod :D thx for sharing and it is rly worth a dl and a thx.

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