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  1. mike3108 03. 09 2018

    Mod: John Deere 30SE Series
    We have a John Deere 5620 (72hp). But there are also the 5720 and 5820 wich is up to 95hp. (All 4-cillinder) could be a nice addition to your list of mods you made ;)

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  2. mike3108 25. 06 2017

    Mod: Ostfriesland
    is just downloaded the map and discovered that there is an object somewhere in the residential area which is causing a huge FPS drop and i get an error saying:
    Error: Corrupt savegame, onCreateLoadedObject 7 has invalid saveId 'TipTrigger_Roth Getreide'
    maybe something to look in to because i think its a very nice map

    Best Regards

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  3. mike3108 16. 09 2014

    Mod: Joskin Modulo 2
    i don`t have them so i don`t know about it :/

  4. mike3108 14. 09 2014

    Mod: Maitre BMM 100
    is there a way so i can make it support size change or not ? (not that it t matters a lot)

  5. mike3108 14. 09 2014

    Mod: Maitre BMM 100
    well, i changed the size of the trailer a bit but when i slect the third body (using LEFt SHIFT + Z, my controls) and i drive next a forage harvester, the pipe turns but he is not driving. also when i drove myself the trailer won`t fill up :/

  6. mike3108 14. 09 2014

    Mod: Maitre BMM 100
    it won`t accept corn silage :/

  7. mike3108 04. 09 2014

    Mod: Fräse Silage Chaff
    i can`t fill my feeder with the MR version ???

  8. mike3108 24. 03 2014

    Mod: Deutz D4506
    i will try to find a seat, and i will try to get a children seat and i will try to make one with frontloader and one with rollcage

  9. mike3108 25. 01 2014

    Mod: Sketchup Modell
    wooww very nice creation. i can`t wait to see more of it :)

  10. mike3108 20. 12 2013

    Mod: Status: 99%
    wooww nice tractor with lots of realism. but are you going to release it on modhoster. it would be a great christmas present ;)

  11. mike3108 14. 08 2013

    Mod: D 130 06 in game
    hmmm the model is VERY nice but maybe a bit to big in the way of o high so maybe something you can still work on :/

  12. mike3108 09. 06 2013

    Mod: 15. Verpixelte Texturen?
    looks very nice especialy that water lane texture :)

  13. mike3108 08. 06 2013

    Mod: Deutz Torpedo TD 4506
    very nice but maybe one with red rims :)

  14. mike3108 03. 06 2013

    Mod: Massey Ferguson 362
    sorry but this is one of the baddest mods i have ever seen

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  15. mike3108 25. 05 2013

    Mod: finishing work in ac3d
    i don`t know how it works at torpedo but i have a deutz d4506 and the sticker with the model is at the lower front side of the hood and the brand at the upper back side if you understand me :)

  16. mike3108 19. 05 2013

    Mod: 11. Dorferneuerung & Kleinigkeiten
    looks very nice i can`t wait untill its done

  17. mike3108 09. 05 2013

    Mod: Kabine Modellieren
    looks very nice i can`t wait untill he is done :)

  18. mike3108 28. 04 2013

    Mod: Modellierung 4.0
    looks nice but when is it going to be released ???

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  19. mike3108 04. 04 2013

    Mod: Krone Comprima V180SFR
    looks nice but i don`t think this is realy exist

  20. mike3108 02. 03 2013

    Mod: Milestone
    in which version can you find the farm ???

  21. mike3108 25. 02 2013

    Mod: IMT 542
    why not who is the owner ?

  22. mike3108 25. 02 2013

    Mod: IMT 542
    good tractor but maybe other wheels and 2wd

  23. mike3108 19. 02 2013

    Mod: Vojvodina
    where did you get that johndeere with that croprow wheels

  24. mike3108 17. 02 2013

    Mod: Oldtimer Pack
    i hope you go to make a bigger oldtimer pack because this one is great

  25. mike3108 03. 02 2013

    Mod: Grossgarnstadt
    how can you open the doors of the barn at the BGA ????

  26. mike3108 29. 12 2012

    Mod: Best Polish Map
    what do you mean with:Mod drehen Sie die Kühe im Stall
    geknetet Silage. i don`t understand

  27. mike3108 18. 12 2012

    Mod: John Deere 6300
    i hope there wil come a second version because this mopd is realy bad textured and shaped

  28. mike3108 31. 01 2012

    Mod: Dolnoslaski klimat
    i dont konw but you can also try the fmc map triiger mod who`s used in the Oakwood map for the service lift and for the gates but i dont know witch one for this map

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