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  1. Totenfarmer 30. 08 2019

    Mod: TheGreatStumpSeasonsReadySinglePlayer
    Why this map isn't featured beats me, definetly one of the most beautiful maps for FS19, and my new favourite map, great work :)

  2. Totenfarmer 19. 04 2019

    Mod: Bullen & Kühe - Die Rinderzuchtmod
    Also, another point is that you can't compare the milk production of a dairy cow and a beef cow, a cow like the brahman only produces about what their calves needs, so the mod isn't that off anyway :)

  3. Totenfarmer 02. 01 2019

    Mod: EnhancedVehicle
    This would be great with a shuttle control in addition :)

  4. Totenfarmer 24. 12 2018

    Mod: same Explower 90 chip tuning
    No credits ??
    Did you get a permission from FBM ?

  5. Totenfarmer 22. 12 2018

    Mod: Placeable Quonset Shed
    Ok, I just checked it, old texture system if annyone wants to know

  6. Totenfarmer 22. 12 2018

    Mod: Placeable Quonset Shed
    This has Giants new texture system ?

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  7. Totenfarmer 21. 11 2018

    Mod: John Deere XUV865M Gator Collectors edition
    This should be removed, this came with the collectors edition and one should be fair towards others and respect the game developer, Giants will release it in due time.

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  8. Totenfarmer 05. 06 2018

    Mod: VOLVO FH 750 V8 HKL mit Hänger (neues system)
    Uhm..when did Volvo start using V8 engines ?

  9. Totenfarmer 04. 05 2017

    Mod: old_tractor_diesel
    This is MrFox model, loved using the MR version in FS13, how come he can't be found in the credits, did you get permission ?

  10. Totenfarmer 16. 04 2017

    Mod: John Deere 7710/7810
    To be honest I don't like the german signs many modders put on their machinery, it looks odd when playing on any map other than those set in Germany..
    This is still a beautifull model though, I very much respect your work, and I'm very grateful that you share your mods with the community :)


  11. Totenfarmer 04. 04 2017

    Mod: Ford forces 7000
    This is NI Moddings model, did you ask for permission ?
    If you got a permission maybe you could post a picture of it, and also put NI Modding in the credits.

  12. Totenfarmer 28. 03 2017

    Mod: Fortschritt ZT323 SB v2(Knicklenker)
    Even if it's not a realistic machine it's something people nowadays could be crazy enough to build :P
    Thank you very much for this, it's really great, keep up the good work ( and keep the DDR mods coming :D )

  13. Totenfarmer 22. 03 2017

    Instructions for the terrainDetailAngle can be found on the farming-simulator forum posted by Giants themselves, it's way different from how you apply it for FS15, like the usage of the grle converter.
    So this is not something that is "converted" by this modder, it's Giants own work for meeting the wishes of the community..

  14. Totenfarmer 22. 03 2017

    This is a good looking map, however when it comes to visuals, shouldn't the 2D trees be replaced with the ones in the game, they're not that heavy on the gpu that they can't be used, plus the 2D ones light up blue-ish when the lights of the machinery is lit when dark..
    Just some constructive critisism on what would make the map better, either way, thanks for your hard work :)

  15. Totenfarmer 29. 01 2017

    Mod: California Central Valley
    Did you even read the description of the map... *sigh* ??

  16. Totenfarmer 28. 01 2017

    Mod: Deutz Fahr Series 9 Designer Edition
    I don't know if you found out already, but the errors you describe is not the mod itself, it's a game bug whereas "certain shiny objects" (Giants quote) will cause field textures to act like this, they are aware of the problem and said it is solved and the fix is included in the next patch.

  17. Totenfarmer 28. 01 2017

    Mod: Lamborghini Mach vrt
    Nice looking tractor, I find it a bit odd with the black smoke though, since it's a euro 6 common rail engine, maybe tune down the smoke a bit ?

  18. Totenfarmer 08. 01 2017

    Mod: CANADAS
    The mirrors turn black when they try to load to much detail into the mirror image.
    A solution can be to cut down on the view distance of foliages, details and objects, but sometimes that doesn't work, highly detailed maps will always have this problem. So if your map isn't that detailed, open the i3d file in notepad ++ and edit all view distances.

  19. Totenfarmer 04. 01 2017

    Mod: Islands
    Hope it's ok I write in english, google translate makes no sense anyway :P

    Why this map is not featured beats me, definetly 5 stars and a vote from me, in my opinion the best map for ls17 yet :)

    A few things I would love to see a change on however, would be the signs, since the map is highly american themed, it would be cool to have typical american signs with english writing, american road markings etc... Oh, and the new diner looks sooo much better than "Uncle Pete's" ;)
    I understand this most likely is a "fantasy map" and not really ment to be american, but this is my opinion on what would make it even better.
    Thank you very much for your GREAT work :)

  20. Totenfarmer 03. 01 2017

    Mod: Mappers Paradise Featuring Special Guest BernieScS
    This will be exciting..I also was in Ireland a couple of years ago, and also fell in love with Guiness beer :P
    Following your project so I can see how it turns out, a h*ll of a team put together there :)

  21. Totenfarmer 01. 01 2017

    Mod: URSUS 15014
    That would be a 18014, powered by a Deutz diesel, different tractor ;)

  22. Totenfarmer 25. 12 2016

    Mod: Massey Ferguson Delta 9380
    You're right, I didn't notice that until you said it :P

  23. Totenfarmer 16. 12 2016

    Mod: Massey Ferguson Delta 9380
    Really nice to have an option on this, honestly I was looking for one with optional front twin wheels though, any chance you would consider adding that to the MF to ?
    Thank you vry much for this mod :)

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  24. Totenfarmer 16. 12 2016

    Mod: Spike Kerfab With BaleAttacher and All Loader
    This lua error is actually produced by yourself, I'll explain:
    You are using a script that changes the bales mass (hence "setMass"), what happens is that you are either selling the bales or filling a strawblower etc. while the bales are still locked to the fork, the lock script itself will remove the mass from that script, but when you load a strawblower or selling, the game will try to calculate mass that obviously is not there anymore. The solution to this is to unlock the bales from the forks bale lock BEFORE you hit a trigger with them, then there will be no errors.
    This is not an error in the balefork itself.

  25. Totenfarmer 24. 09 2016

    Mod: Schönebeck Map
    Does this map have buyable fields ?

  26. Totenfarmer 22. 09 2016

    This map gives me about 600 lua errors..
    Good layout on the map though, but I miss buyable fields..and maybe not shared economy if you are releasing another version.

  27. Totenfarmer 07. 03 2016

    Mod: Glenvar Farm
    Glenvar doesn`t have animals..

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  28. Totenfarmer 04. 03 2016

    Mod: Merlo P417 Turbofarmer Rear Hydraulics
    It`s not theft if you have permission..
    Maybe you should be more careful with your policing until you start making sure what you are talking about.

  29. Totenfarmer 24. 02 2016

    Mod: Massey Ferguson Pack
    That would be "Sandy Bay Gold edition", made by the same modders, you can find it on FS-UK, really awesome map :)

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  30. Totenfarmer 13. 02 2016

    Mod: Massey Fergusson 7722
    Do you have permission from ARM team to do this, mind posting a pic of that permission ?
    And why are you trying to get paid for someone else`s mod ?

  31. Totenfarmer 05. 02 2016

    Mod: Typowa Polska Wies Snow Map
    Nice looking map, good work, but leaves falls of the trees in winter, only needle trees are evergreen..

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  32. Totenfarmer 02. 02 2016

    Mod: Kleine Single Player LPG Map
    This looks nice, I might just try this, I loved Hoehenfelde and Bantikow, but after a while I just found them to big for single player, this might be what I`m looking for then :)
    Pictures looks good, but a suggestion from me is to drop the SRS trees and use the ones for FS15, they look waaay better, and there`s no problem scaling them, at least not for scenery.

  33. Totenfarmer 30. 01 2016

    Mod: Fortschritt ZT 303
    These are turning out really well, a couple of things though: On the inside of the front rims you can see straight trough them, the same goes for the seat (shader problem ?). Also the "BetterIndoorCamera" script doesn`t work with them (custom names on the cameras ?)
    When it comes to washable I understand you don`t have a good program for it, but how about getting help with it, these are really great mods, and deserves only the best :)
    Oh, and on my wishlist: Setup for Moglis Gearbox would make them really awesome !

  34. Totenfarmer 27. 01 2016

    Mod: Gorale
    No offence, Brainstick, but I don`t think your comment was very well thought-through, first: Why not use a site that isn`t known for ripping people of, and with less restrictions on how often you can download (for free users), and even with more stable bandwidth ?
    Also: Maybe only 30 % will donate, but so what, the modder will still earn more from those 30 % than from the players downloading from uploaded, plus I`m sure more people would download, so the real number may be even 10 % higher. People that donate are people that are amazed by a mod, they donate more the more they like a mod. And as you said, there are options: if they don`t like the continuance on a mod they stop donating, other than that they should expect a mod to be error-free so it doesn`t ruin their game.
    A perfect example of how and why the donation system actually work is the Unix and Linux systems, very few people complain, they are just excited to see how it develops, and that they have taken part in building good scripts, programs and operating systems. Why should it be different here, if the modder used the income wisely he would use it not only to get a little cash for his effort, maybe he would buy exclusive high-quality 3d models, textures etc, and maybe even he/she used a bit of those money to donate into something useful made by other modders etc, etc, this could result in some pretty awesome mods for FS.

  35. Totenfarmer 27. 01 2016

    Mod: Deutz Agrosun 140
    Really love this tractor, and the gear setup is perfect, unlike many other mods you have to work with the gears on this one, makes a much more fun game..and much more realistic. You are now officially my new favorite modder, keep up the awesome work you are doing :)

  36. Totenfarmer 26. 01 2016

    Mod: Patrus140
    Grand theft auto ??
    Wth is wrong with people, is there a massive movement these days to stop real modders from building new mods ?

  37. Totenfarmer 26. 01 2016

    Mod: Real Russia
    So where is your permission for this map, where is the credits to all the modders ?

  38. Totenfarmer 26. 01 2016

    Mod: Gorale
    Sooo..sure you have a great map there..we are going to download 500mb from uploaded, which takes forever,then we are going to wait for 3 hrs to download another pack...which takes forever, so estimated 5 hours from you start downloading, that`s what you are thinking, right ?
    This is what I`m thinking: How about people stop using that shady uploaded site, which is a scam if you pay for an account, and use direct download instead, add a "Donate" button and people that like the mods are happy to donate.

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