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  1. w1der 03. 08 2019

    Mod: Reversing Indoor Camera
    It seems to be caused due to a conflict with the VCA (Vehicle Control Addon) mod by Mogli ... :(

  2. w1der 03. 08 2019

    Mod: Reversing Indoor Camera
    This is happening only when looking forwards ... turning the head/camera sideways it stops ... (really strange)!

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  3. w1der 30. 07 2019

    Mod: Reversing Indoor Camera
    Great mod ...

    I was kind of hoping to be able to adjust the camera also looking forward (useful when stacking bales) ... but great anyways.

    When I have this mod running I am getting constantly small frame drops ones every second.
    Is anyone else having this issue?

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  4. w1der 17. 01 2018

    Mod: Dorf Molokovo
    "Download website is not trusted" ...

  5. w1der 21. 12 2017

    Mod: Hermanns Eck - Willkommen im grünen Tal!
    Looks like a brilliant map so far.
    I do (even though some parts of the map is really "tight") miss the collision of hedges and fences ... :)

  6. w1der 09. 02 2017

    Mod: Handbremse
    Before I download this ...
    Is it possible to map the "key binding" to my "clutch pedal" ?

    If not ... please ... ;)

    I need something that stops my "mid steer" vehicles from moving on their own ...
    Scorpio King is a pain to operate on a slope!

  7. w1der 05. 02 2017

    Mod: Woodshire
    Seriously ...
    This map looks so amazing!

    Just had a first look ... and besides a few texture glitches ... I am in heaven!

    Thank you so much!

  8. w1der 15. 01 2017

    Mod: AutoDrive
    Is it possible to also add an "end field" mode?
    So that one can use it for "doing chaff" ... with 2 tractors and tippers.
    Just drive up next to the forage harvester ... set cruise ctrl ... engage "end field" mode (it would have to act like the GPS mod does and select a straight course according to the field direction) ... and have it drive (just like a hired worker) but stop at the end of the field (I can live with turning it manually) ...
    During this I can drive a second tractor and tipper to the silage bunker ... and keep switching them ... :)

  9. w1der 03. 12 2016

    Mod: Sägewerk | Fabrikscript
    Just started using this in my main game ... und alles gut!
    Danke schön für die neue "displays" ... :)

    Still ... would be nice with a placeable sell trigger ... (like the sell trigger for the "milk triggers") ...

    I could then have a sell point anywhere I want to on the map ... so that it feels more realistic to sell the pallets ...

  10. w1der 02. 12 2016

    Mod: Sägewerk | Fabrikscript
    My absolute favorite placeable mod !!!

    I wish a placeable "sell trigger" would be included with the mod ...
    It is just not realistic to sell wood pallets at the "spinnery" ... ;)

    Oh wait ... you changed the sell trigger to wood chips now?
    ... hjm

  11. w1der 02. 12 2016

    Mod: Sägewerk | Fabrikscript
    My absolute favorite placeable mod !!!

    I wish a placeable "sell trigger" would be included with the mod ...
    It is just not realistic to sell wood pallets at the "spinnery" ... ;)

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  12. w1der 01. 12 2016

    Mod: CameraZoomExtension
    When is this coming for FS17 !? !? !? ... :)
    I need it!

  13. w1der 23. 11 2016

    Mod: Gilus kaimas / Deep Village
    I would sooo play this map ... if the rest of it was turned in to a huge forestry area ... ;)

  14. w1der 23. 11 2016

    Mod: driveControl
    Issue with keybindings ...

    I have found that it is not possible to have a modifier key with the bindings for this MOD ...
    The issue I am having is when trying to bind the 4WD on the Side Panel ...

    I use a lot of "double commands" ...

    I have my lights set to buttons 4,5,9 and 10
    I wanted to use button 18+4, 18+9 and 18+10 for the 4WD settings ...
    But the game still listens to the stand alone inputs 4,5,9 and 10 also ... (this way of setting up the buttons works with everything else in the game I have tried so far and it is not connected to just these buttons ... I tried other setups.)
    This way, when trying to turn the 4WD on, I also toggle my lights on and of ... :) ... :(

  15. w1der 23. 11 2016

    Mod: driveControl
    I love this mod ...
    But using the front loader is now a "pain" ... as I can no longer control both the arms and the tool without constantly switching between the tool and the arms ...

    Is this intended or an oversight !?

  16. w1der 14. 11 2016

    Mod: Sampo Rosenlew HR46 Mod Pack (Volle Kransteuerung)
    There was "graphic bugs" even with the original vehicle from Giants when moving the arms around.

    But thanks for making this vehicle "usable" ... must try it!

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  17. w1der 03. 11 2016

    Mod: Inspect17
    Great ... THANKS!
    Will it also include a warning for animal productivity, below 100% ?

  18. w1der 02. 11 2016

    Mod: Die Entfernung der Bäume aus der Startzone
    Oh ... I would like a mod that ADD trees to the farm area ... not to delete them ... :)

  19. w1der 28. 10 2016

    Mod: noCollisionCamera
    Did this just stop working, after the new update of the game?

  20. w1der 27. 10 2016

    Mod: Date and Time Mod
    Why the date?
    Can I change it to show only the time?

  21. w1der 22. 10 2016

    Mod: Manual Cutting for Wood Harvester
    Are we getting this script for FS17 ... !? ... ;)

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  22. w1der 11. 10 2016

    Mod: Rockwood
    I am getting a prompt that says the file is not safe to download ... (Windows defender) !?

  23. w1der 19. 07 2016

    Mod: Hecken
    Wow ... they even have the "collision" ... loving it!
    Thank you!

  24. w1der 18. 07 2016

    Mod: Imkerei Pack platzierbar
    Good post ... (I used google translate to understand this).

    Wouldn´t it be awesome if "keeping bees" had an effect for some of the "crops" in the game.

    Like ... no bees lower yield (or no yield even) ... a sertain amount of bees gives you a higher yield ... and even more bees gives you the highest yield ... :)

  25. w1der 18. 07 2016

    Mod: Imkerei Pack platzierbar
    Here is an idea for future updates ... regarding "pallets".

    I think it would be really great if the factory could hold 3-4 finished pallets so that you can keep production running without coming to a halt when ever the one/first pallet is full.

    Müsli factory ...
    If the honey tank was moved to where the pallet spawns now ... the platform, where the honey is now, could hold multiple pallets instead (spawning one by one as they are finished).

    And for the met factory there is already room for more pallets next to the present one.

    The "warning/promt" could be set to, when the platform is 75% of its capacity.

    This way you don´t have to stop what ever your doing on your farm to go and load just one pallet at a time ... :)

  26. w1der 16. 07 2016

    Mod: Imkerei Pack platzierbar
    I must say I am enjoying this mod very much!
    Just sold my first trailer with a mix of met and müsli ... :)

    I have found that I am not getting any "prompt" from the met production when the pallet is full.

    Also ... something that I have on my "wish list" for this mod.
    An auto collect trigger that can be placed manually next to the different buildings that collects 2-4 pallets for me to pick up with a front loader (I don´t mind loading manually) ... but having to empty the pallets one by one as soon as they are full (to avoid that the production comes to a halt) can be a bit stressful when you are trying to run a farm and doing forestry at the same time as this ... ;)

    But thanks for a great mod ... 5 stars from me!

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  27. w1der 16. 07 2016

    Mod: Imkerei Pack platzierbar
    Super mod ... THANK YOU!

    If I understand this correct the "bee hive manufacturer" also accepts wood chips (one can use the extra chips from the lumber mill here)!?

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  28. w1der 11. 07 2016

    Mod: Besseres Ballenhandling
    Is this mod also working with "logs" and "cranes"?

  29. w1der 05. 07 2016

    Mod: DEUTZ FAHR 9340 Pearl Edition
    This is awesome ...
    I love the suspension on this and the sound that appears around 30-40 km/h.
    The sound on lower speeds is lacking ... This needs to be changed IMO.

    Please redesign the motor sound so that the amazing sound I mentioned above is available from the lowest speed.

    Would be nice if it was available in different colors also ... white is not a practical color for farming ... ;)

    This one is a keeper ... Great job, so far!

  30. w1der 01. 07 2016

    Mod: URAL Next 4320-6912-74
    I can not reply to a "post" ...

    Beacons ... those yellow blinking things (usually on the roof).
    I prefere the modern ones though ... flashing strobes (not the old style yellow "buckets").

  31. w1der 01. 07 2016

    Mod: URAL Next 4320-6912-74
    Not fair ...
    Some one posted pictures of this truck with beacons on it ... mina has no beacons.

    ... give me beacons!

    ... *crying*

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  32. w1der 30. 06 2016

    Mod: Helikoptern
    Some one just added pictures of a heli holding a log ...
    What is that mod?

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  33. w1der 30. 06 2016

    Mod: Helikoptern
    Rc heli inputs would be ...
    Left stick (up/down) = "elevation" (collective)
    Left stick (left/right) = "turn" (yaw)
    Right stick (up/down) = "forward/backward" (pitch)
    Also if possible ... (might not work with this games "engine")
    Right stick (left/right) = "sideways" (roll)

    Please please please ... ;)

  34. w1der 30. 06 2016

    Mod: Helikoptern
    Oh ...

    I just realized ... the behavior is a lot different when using the Saitek controller from when using the keyboard to control this ... !

    With the Sitek controller I use the pedals to go forward / backward and the wheel to go left / right ...
    Using the pedals makes the helis "nose" go down in an extreme angle ... using the keyboard wont cause this.

    Can you please fix the mod so it is possible to control it with the sticks on a controller ... with the inputs just as on a RC heli?

  35. w1der 30. 06 2016

    Mod: Helikoptern
    The more I use this mod the more frustrated I get ...
    The potential for this is huge ... but there is so much that needs to be fixed for it to be great!

    If the mod creator reads this ... please contact me and I will tell you how to make this more realistic ... ;)

  36. w1der 30. 06 2016

    Mod: FarmingTablet mit Apps
    Hey ... cool idea!
    I am playing this on OS X so I will need an iPad version ... LOL ... ;)

    Is there an app that shows how much "food" my cows have (also displaying what level the food is in percentage of the maximum based on how many cows I own)?

  37. w1der 30. 06 2016

    Mod: Helikoptern
    I am starting to learn how to fly this pretty good ...
    But it is not a helicopter ... it´s a flying hover craft ... at least thats the way you have to think when trying to get from A to B with this thing ... ;)

    Please make it possible for key binding and also make the nose tilt less down when on max speed ... this way it loos as if it about to crash any second ... ;)
    Slightly more than half of what it is at now would be more realistic ... !

  38. w1der 30. 06 2016

    Mod: URAL Next 4320-6912-74
    Awesome truck ... THANK YOU!
    I like that it has "slow acceleration" compared to most other trucks ... makes it possible to drive slowly with precision when in tight corners.

    The only thing I am missing is some cool "beacons" ... how about turning the positioning lights in to strobes? ... ;)

    Even without the strobes this is my new favourit truck!

  39. w1der 28. 06 2016

    Mod: Helikoptern
    For "farming" reasons ...
    An altitude lock (30m for spraying) and the possibility to use the GPS mod ... would be awesome!

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