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  1. wlfheart 29. 09 2017

    Mod: Saxonia für LS17
    does this have seasons?

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  2. wlfheart 26. 08 2017

    Mod: Nordfriesische Marsch
    is there still grass in the new buildings?

  3. wlfheart 30. 07 2017

    Mod: Nordfriesische Marsch
    it's because it still thinks the grass is there from the version without ditches. he just fills the trench but doesnt change the boundary

  4. wlfheart 10. 07 2017

    Mod: New Holland CR10.90 2K17
    they are going all yellow. I think actually for the 18 model though.

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  5. wlfheart 07. 06 2017

    Mod: Nordfriesische Marsch
    hello,, Love the map. could you add a snow mask for the seasons mod?

  6. wlfheart 31. 05 2017

    Mod: Scania R730 mit Planenaufbau UAL
    nice truck but sound is horrible.. also could you make it tso the tarp can be removed?

  7. wlfheart 31. 05 2017

    Mod: Doll Panther Tieflader
    will not attach to a semi

  8. wlfheart 08. 05 2017

    Mod: Südhemmern
    Could you please make a English version? I would really like to try this map.

  9. wlfheart 02. 12 2016

    Mod: AutoDrive
    Could you please do a video in english? thank you!

  10. wlfheart 08. 02 2015

    Mod: Kujawska
    tried to cut the wheat field and it would cut but produce nothing. beautiful map though.

  11. wlfheart 01. 02 2015

    Mod: Westbridge Hills Overhault
    this map is stuck on the load page for me.

  12. wlfheart 18. 11 2014

    Mod: Förderband Pack
    When i pull a trailer or or truck under it it freezes the game.

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  13. wlfheart 15. 11 2014

    Mod: driveControl
    yup sound fixed in 2.1

  14. wlfheart 15. 11 2014

    Mod: driveControl
    The mod is causing sound problems. When i hire a worker and leave the vehicle i still hear the inside sound of the vehicle. Plus the sounds stack with each subsequent vehicle i activate and leave. Otherwise the mod seems to work very well.

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  15. wlfheart 13. 08 2014

    Mod: Kernstadt ForstMod
    Great map!! Are there any plans to incorporate weeds and the soil mod?

  16. wlfheart 07. 08 2014

    Mod: Tannenhof
    this map wont load. Just sit at loading screen. not even any words saying it loading

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  17. wlfheart 05. 08 2014

    Mod: New Holland Speedrower 240
    I work in the factory that makes the speedrower so ill be pretty critical :p.

  18. wlfheart 05. 08 2014

    Mod: New Holland Speedrower 240
    nice mod but creates fps issues

  19. wlfheart 12. 02 2014

    Mod: grazyland
    the doors to the shop that house the combine and beet harvester wont open.

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  20. wlfheart 23. 04 2013

    Mod: JAN TANKER 10.500
    it doesn't show the grain coming out of the spout.

  21. wlfheart 04. 04 2013

    Mod: Kenworth_k100
    Why make a truck with out the trailer?? useless

  22. wlfheart 29. 03 2013

    Mod: Cat 980H
    how do you know which one is articulated?

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