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  1. Mod: Stappenbach
    Very good map! but it has FPS problems.. I think the frame drops is easy to fix. So thats why I give 5 stars

  2. Mod: SouthWest-Norway
    The newest version is available now on FS-UK! Support of the map will given there!

  3. Mod: Claas Lexion 480
    Nice harvester! It works awesome! The only thing I don't like are the textures.. :)

  4. Mod: SouthWest-Norway
    That is fixed in the next version! :)

  5. Mod: SouthWest-Norway
    What are you exactly mean with the million funds? I not understand it good :p But thanks for liking the map :) I will use your ideas and tips!

  6. Mod: SouthWest-Norway
    There are coming some places for that :D

  7. Mod: SouthWest-Norway
    You can wait for the next version V1 :) It will be released on the end of this week :D I don't know if the savegame gets lost.. :/

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  8. Mod: SouthWest-Norway
    Thank you very much! Thanks for liking the map! :) New version of the map is coming this week! So the problems you noticed are fixed than :D

  9. Mod: SouthWest-Norway
    Thanks for liking the Beta version of the map :D And thanks for watching my videos :p

  10. Mod: SouthWest-Norway
    I probably gonna set the GMK in the next version (soilmod)

  11. Mod: SouthWest-Norway
    I will try to meat your expectations in the next version of the map :)

  12. Mod: SouthWest-Norway
    New version of the map is coming soon!

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  13. Mod: FENDT 900 Series
    These machines are beautiful! Thank you very much Smety!

  14. Mod: Stoll R1405S
    Credits are not given properly. For the rest, it looks like it is from TSL modding..

  15. Mod: MAN TSG 10x8 manure.
    Does this machine excist in real life? For the rest it looks nice! :)

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  16. Mod: Update: Animal Farms
    Thank you very much! :D

  17. Mod: Altec Bale Spike
    Nice tool :) works perfect.

  18. Mod: Agram manure blade
    Nice tool. No errors. Good job!

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  19. Mod: JOHN DEERE 6090
    Nice tractor and modell. But it has some warning errors in the log. And some parts are flickering in the cabine.