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"See, my daddy always told me to be just like a duck. Stay smooth on the surface and paddle like the devil underneath! " (Rubber Duck in Convoy)

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  1. Herrman 29. 11 2015

    Mod: Volvo Grumier
    Ok, I can understand (but not approve) your line about dirt and specular. But in my opinion it comes as a need.
    How can dirt or particles be handled in a mod where a single truck or trailer comes along with more than 400k polygons of wheels only?
    The mod looks great. But totally unplayable except for photo purpose in a highly optimized game, with no other mods at all.
    And it is a shame it is unplayable not only for who plays on a notebook, but for all not having a SLI GTX980 setup

  2. Herrman 08. 12 2014

    Mod: MAN TGS Forst Set
    The best wood combo in LS15 so far. I love it. Only a pair of minor suggestions.
    First: what about removing minRot="1" and maxRot="359" from crane? It's easier to load the trailer if crane can move over it.
    Last: what about a 6x6 traction?
    Both modifications take max 30 sec on the xml and make it even better

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  3. Herrman 22. 09 2014

    Mod: Krampe 650 900 Mulde
    kein MR daten, kein MR spezi, kein MR .i3d änderungen... Wo ist MR?

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  4. Herrman 20. 09 2014

    Mod: Moro RAPTOR QRV 20A
    Superb mod, thanks!
    Will be there a version with adjustable width and selection for the in-furrow plough mode? Or, if already implemented, how does it work?

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  5. Herrman 13. 04 2014

    Mod: Automizzatore
    Das lustige ist dass die Beschreibung nicht korrekt ist auch auf Italienisch

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  6. Herrman 17. 03 2014

    Mod: Lexion 560 Montana und TT
    Tip for the modder: Montana function works also laterally, but only in wrong direction
    if y_br > y_bl then
    self.rotateValueB = y_br - y_bl;
    self.rotateValueB = y_bl - y_br;

    self.rotateValueZ = self.rotateValueB*-0.1;


    self.rotateValueB = y_br - y_bl;
    self.rotateValueZ = self.rotateValueB*0.1;

    Anyway THANKS: this is the first really working released autoleveling

  7. Herrman 06. 02 2014

    Mod: Fiat 1300DT
    The mighty "Gold Stripe" series... Wonderful! Did anybody know that some John Deere, after seeing this series, asked Fiat to join her in a 50/50% joint venture?

  8. Herrman 06. 12 2013

    Mod: Fendt 936 Vario SCR
    Lob zu Surrealcrash für diese mod.

    Und, jd8345r, bitte runterlade die Lego trekker von GiantsContest. Ein gut LS spieler wendet an MR ;-)

  9. Herrman 25. 11 2013

    Mod: Holaras Pack
    Nice pack... but the video makes me feel sick. One affected by epilepsy should be warned not to watch it...

  10. Herrman 18. 11 2013

    Mod: Fendt Favorit 824
    Lösung für exzessiv kraftstoffverbrauch mit MR:

    In ploughingSpec.lua bitte löschen Zeilen zwischen 466 und 471 und kraftstoffverbrauch wird nun von MR verwaltet

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  11. Herrman 04. 09 2013

    Mod: Wildbach Tal
    Sorry for english...don't speak german
    I've noticed the problem with mapDoorTrigger and reported it in mapDoorTrigger post comments. If you quit a map without saving, then re-enter without exiting the game, mapDoorTrigger will duplicate the animation entries and hang. If you exit then re-enter the game, no problem. But if you save you will have DUPLICATED ENTRIES in mapDoorTriggers.xml and, if you don't remove them manually, doors will no longer work. Hope Vertex will read about it...

  12. Herrman 02. 09 2013

    Mod: MapDoorTrigger
    Hi all. Thanks for the mod!
    FYI, didn't understand if it's due to my configbut two times, entering a saved game, I found the doors not showing the triggers. Investigating I discovered that if you enter a savegame, quit to main page without saving, then re-enter the same savegame, doors don't work. If in that situation you save game progress, you will find all the entries in mapDoorTriggers.xml duplicated

    So, if doors don't open, clean duplicates in that file. And take the habit of either "save and exit" or completely quit the game before reloading a savegame

  13. Herrman 13. 08 2013

    Mod: Feldbinder Guellezubinger
    Good job BUT damaged by the front collision shape. If you turn too tight with the road tractor it jumps in air. AND you CAN'T attach a dolly because of the same collision. Otherwise, despite it's been presented at the same time with the Zubringer, it had its fashion...
    Uh, another thing. Please... the SCALE... either this and the Kotte are 15-20% larger than reality

  14. Herrman 11. 08 2013

    Mod: Ropa Euro Tiger Pack
    I know they left it in the middle... for this reason I talked only about the mod without adding any other reference...

    EIFOK people is lucky: they will win modcontest with their zunhammer only because this beast isn't in the match...

  15. Herrman 10. 08 2013

    Mod: Ropa Euro Tiger Pack
    We started previewing it in LS2009. Then first ingame videos in LS2011, now WE GOT IT !!!
    Tried it now... and I'm speechless.
    Thanks !

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  16. Herrman 18. 06 2013

    Mod: Annaburger HT
    (in english) Because the "modder" isn't able to scale correctly the body and keep animation!!

  17. Herrman 17. 06 2013

    Mod: Released 17.06.2013
    Finally a well-scaled silage trailer. Super! Thanks

  18. Herrman 22. 04 2013

    Mod: Brantner TA 11045 XXL
    When parked outside of roads and concrete it falls through the ground. It's in fact missing the collisions!!

    Apart for this "little" problem nice trailer!

  19. Herrman 05. 04 2013

    Mod: Cat Challenger 765b
    Collision problem: the 8 labels "polySurface1" are set as "Rigid body".

    Remove those flags from "Rigid Body" and everything goes fine

  20. Herrman 13. 03 2013

    Mod: BGA für Kleinbetriebe
    Well, usually the pre-fermenter is used in the medium-large plants. The small ones (up to 80-100KWe, but in some cases also 200kwe) are set up with a single digester and, based on what you use to feed the digester, a big mixing basin (up to 200 cbm) if you use manure, or a Fliegl feeder if you go silage.

    So, TyphoOn, it's absolutely correct like you made it

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  21. Herrman 13. 03 2013

    Mod: BGA für Kleinbetriebe
    Very nice. I'm still missing a BGA in Wildbachtal. Hope K und S would have my same thoughts ;)

    Keep up the good work TyphoOn, Thank you!

    A hint: in small farm they throw all the solid manure in the BGA, then they get an "almost liquid" residual. So no solid manure in those farms...

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  22. Herrman 17. 02 2013

    Mod: Fendt Vario 724 SCR Standard Grün für LS13 von T.I.F und ModHoster-Teamwerkstatt
    20 thousand downloads in 8 hours !!

    Congratulations Ago, Congratulations MH Teamwerkstatt !!

  23. Herrman 10. 02 2013

    Mod: Krassort Gülle Feldrandcontainer
    sind Sie dass Sie nicht verstehen die sinn?

    Der Mod funktioniert einwandfrei. Vorzuziehen die Spezialisierung die unter den genannten verwenden

  24. Herrman 06. 02 2013

    Mod: FlieglTMK260
    Ha ha... try to drive the first corner and you'll see it jumping in the air... try to back it up and see what the tractor does...
    If it shows ingame, because the only "conversion" is about moddesc.xml...
    Particlesystem, emissive billboards are still the FS2011 versions, so plenty of errors and stuttering. AVOID IT !!

  25. Herrman 30. 01 2013

    Mod: Krassort Gülle Feldrandcontainer

    die Füllung wird mit der abgesenkten Boden und auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite der Zugdeichsel gesteuert mit R taste (siehe bild

  26. Herrman 30. 01 2013

    Mod: Case Puma CVX 230
    poor conversion?
    Wrong power, powershaft+PTOOutputNode (duplicate), lights not transformed. But the model is very nice

  27. Herrman 29. 01 2013

    Mod: Krassort Gülle Feldrandcontainer
    Very nice. Only I found that the specialization manureTrailer.lua makes the sound not to stop after finishing the manure.
    I've solved copying the function from the Gülletransporter semitrailer by Grafik-edv (thanks)

  28. Herrman 02. 01 2013

    Mod: Perard 25To
    I posted the solution in English below last November 13th. Posted in German november 20th.
    If the creator doesn't fix it do it yourself and stop crying

    Ich gepostet die Lösung in englischer Sprache unter letzten 13. November. Veröffentlicht in Deutsch 20. November.
    Wenn der Ersteller nicht hilft, dann tun Sie es selbst und hör auf zu weinen

  29. Herrman 02. 01 2013

    Mod: Perard 25To
    See my previous posts...

  30. Herrman 20. 11 2012

    Mod: Perard 25To
    Sprechen Sie Englisch? Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich versuche, um die Lösung mit Google Translate ubersetzt

    Das Problem ist eine falsche Parameter in der Datei emissiveBillBoardShader.xml im zip enthalten.
    Ersetzen Sie es mit der gleichen Akte aus dem Spiel Installationsordner kopiert. Alles geht gut so

  31. Herrman 19. 11 2012

    Mod: Krone Emsland
    I cannot understand what's the utility of having the specialization BeleuchtungV31 in moddesc if you don't add the lights in the .i3d ???

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  32. Herrman 13. 11 2012

    Mod: Perard 25To
    [SOLUTION] For who experience game crash when buying Perard
    The problem is a wrong parameter in the file emissiveBillBoardShader.xml contained in the zip.
    Replace it with the same file copied from the game install folder. Everything goes fine then

  33. Herrman 08. 09 2012

    Mod: New Holland T8 390
    uber 10mb von "ÂÂ,ÂÂ" ist der problem...
    Siehe linie no. 155034, 330588, 497899 von .i3d file mit ein text-editor

    Bitte entschuldigen Sie, aber Ich weiß nicht Deutsch

  34. Herrman 07. 09 2012

    Mod: New Holland T8 390
    I found 3 errors in file .i3d: wrong character strings in these trianglesets' names:
    "base direicao"
    Every string is more than 2 million characters long
    Solving these errors the .i3d file decreases to 35.7 mb

    Then there are two "kennzeichen" in the rear part hitting ground. Thei must be heightened by 0.4 units

    Then the rear right wheel is a bit lower than the rear left one so it tends to go on a side. Once solved this and some minor log callstacks (wrong indexes) it's a very enjoyable mod

  35. Herrman 27. 08 2012

    Mod: Hawe ULW 3000T
    Very nice model, I like it very much.
    I found only one LITTLE problem: small combines cannot unload in this trailer because the exactFillRootNode is maybe a little too high.

    For example the autoleveling Deutz 4080HTS can unload only in the first few centimeters due to that node shape being a bit lower in that area.

    Thank you

  36. Herrman 16. 08 2012

    Mod: Kverneland Großflächenwender
    "Urmodder leider unbekannt"

    XYZSpain "unbekannt" ?? wo du hier kommst ?

  37. Herrman 02. 08 2012

    Mod: 8360R
    It's a real SHAME that this model has been reduced. Before it WAS 1:1, now NO MORE...
    For not informed:
    JD 8520: height: 310.4 cm roof top See:
    JD8530: 305.3cm
    JD8345R: 324.3cm roof top
    And ours:
    JD8360R: 352cm top beacon (source:

  38. Herrman 29. 07 2012

    Mod: Johndeeere_9400
    In which garbage can did he find it? It's an era that Courseplay doesn't need the specialization in moddesc... Unusable...

  39. Herrman 29. 07 2012

    Mod: Deutz-Fahr Topliner 4080 HTS Balance
    Very nice mod, I like it very much, as I liked your 4090

    In my first night combining I found an error (also on the 4090) and I want to let you know:
    Combine: back light (red) material red_diffuse is defined with "texture" instead of "emissivemap" so in the night they become invisible
    Trailer: either the problem of the combine (not for bremslicht) and a double "visibility" check missing (the two "g0" of the lights)

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