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  1. Mod: New Holland Fleet
    Just needs IC and its perfect!

  2. Mod: OGF USA MAP 2018
    Its not seasons compatible?

  3. Mod: MAN TGS 6x/8x/10x -WR- als Pack
    This freezes when using gearboxmod. Any idea how to fix that please? Thank you!

  4. Mod: Halle/Peißen V.6
    Wow! Still playing this! Its amazing! Right up there with Lehndorf! THANK YOU!

    Oh, it would be amazing if you would return to LS17 and add more scripts like hosesystem, kuhzucht etc, metzgerei etc etc! Thank you!

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  5. Mod: Halle/Peißen V.6
    Sorry for english: Where does the mist "spawn"? Not in the cowshed? I cant find it? Thank you! Great map!

  6. Mod: FS17 Lehndorf Final Version
    Fantasische karte! Aberich kann doch nicht die trigger zum flussigdünger ab die haupthof finden, bitte? Danke vielmals!

  7. Mod: Ford Pack
    Please could you add dynamicHose please?

  8. Mod: Schlüter Pack
    Could you please update these with dynamichoses please? Thank you! (Yes still playing 17!)

  9. Mod: Westfalen Map V1.52
    We need this converted for FS17!

  10. Mod: Wesermarsch
    Is there any watertriggers? Cant find water for the animals? Thank you for a great map!

  11. Mod: John Deere 4850 / 4955
    Too bad you didnt adjust the price. For the starting model of 4555 the price should be 15000....

    So that we can play realisticly. Sadly no modder adjust to realistic price, so every mod i download i go on the salesites and adjust prices....

    Great mod though!

    Very comprehensive pack, but needs alot of works, but a little dull... 3 stars!

  13. Mod: Nordfriesische Marsch 4fach map
    I only get CTD (crash to desktop)...I have no other maps in the modsfolder, it just dont start, just a message that Giants Engine has stopped working....

    Any ideas?

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  14. Mod: Altkirch im Elsass
    I only get CTD (crash to desktop)...I have no other maps in the modsfolder, it just dont start, just a message that Giants Engine has stopped working....

    Any ideas?

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  15. Mod: BAGS PACK Fertilizer,seed,pig food
    What can i lift the bigbags with?

  16. Mod: Mähwerk Erweiterung Pack
    Die hintern mähwerk starten nicht? Ich habe genug kw?

  17. Mod: John Deere 7R series 2011 Europe Version
    THIS is how to make a mod, other modders! Functions, functions, functions!!!

    Thanks AGO!

  18. Mod: Südharz Map
    Too bad, i really want to try it. Well looks good atleast :D

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  19. Mod: Südharz Map
    Well, it still dont work with other maps mods, thats too bad. I have 4-5 maps (Stapp, West, AgriOC, Gemeinde, Altenstein) and everytime i put yours in the modsfolder, game crashes... The other maps works fine together, only yours that crash. Why is that?

    Looks good!

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  20. Mod: Güllepack FS17
    Why is the same button used for starting the pump as lowering the implement? "V"? Can't unhook the impement (vibro for instance) because i first have to stop the tank, but when i stop the tank the vibro goes up again....

    otherwise very good!

  21. Mod: FENDT 900 Series
    The rims look really off in color, some kind of purplepink color, needs to be red, Fendt red, but maybe with the Hardpointextention possible to change to grey?

  22. Mod: Fliegl Trailer
    speedy77, even more great trailers, but could you please make a set without the wood boards? thanks! 4/5!

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  23. Mod: Fliegl DK 180-88 Set
    5/5 speedy! Only one suggestion, please make a matching fliegl TDK 160 or so aswell, with same options! :)

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  24. Mod: Deutz Fahr Agrotron L730
    Good to see this model back! 2/5 stars. Needs a good modder that adds a lot of scripts and details to make it 5/5! Hopefully someone does this!

  25. Mod: BGAextension
    Its a great script BUT, i hate to not be able to drive the chaff to the bga and get money for it! Not every farmer everwhere owns his own BGA?

  26. Mod: Cat Challenger MT865B
    Need more animations...atleast openable door....

  27. Mod: New Holland T8.390
    Sorry, 2/ functions at LOOKS very good, but different twin wheels would be great, movable mirrors, onboard computer, sunvisors, openable doors and windows, movable joysticks has potential though!

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  28. Mod: Les Chazets
    Well, ive been trying to play this map, and its beautiful, BUT:

    1) You cant use the forager to cut the maise, why, i dont know....
    2) The rape doesn't grow at all....

    Nun, ive versucht, diese Karte zu spielen, und seine schöne , ABER :

    1) Sie kann nicht den forager verwenden, um die maise zu schneiden, warum , ich weiß nicht ....
    2) Der Raps wächst nicht überhaupt ....

  29. Mod: Class Axion 850
    The colors are totally bright bright green and orange wheels? The hoodtext is off....good mod otherwise, but i will remake my own skin....horrible...

  30. Mod: Deutz Fahr 9340
    4/5 Aber warum kein zwillingen?

  31. Mod: SüdThüringen
    "Sued Thueringen: Register Fill type: pig, beef, pig, beef,
    SoilMod: Registering new spray-types
    Error: Fillable.registerFillType too many fill types. Only 64 fill types are supported
    Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
    D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/Sprayer.lua(40) : table index is nil
    Application exit request forced.
    Application exit request forced."

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  32. Mod: SüdThüringen
    Es ladet und ladet und ladet, niemals passiert, warum ist das?

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  33. Mod: Fehlersammlung
    If you buy one farm (for example number 2 or 3) and then go to buy something else, the blue €-logo is gone, so its hard to find the sign where to buy the stuff.

    And is the buyable BGA the only BGA?

  34. Mod: Fendt Favorit 926
    He means this:

    It doesn't lift implements!

  35. Mod: Fehlersammlung
    I love the map! And sorry for writing in english :/ I'm from Sweden. Now, I have extracted all the scripts in your .zip, so everything should work.

    But I can't fill the spritzen? The liquid pestizide...I go to the trigger on the first farm, and the help text says "Fill up Amazone" or something.

    I press R, but nothing doesn't fill up. Can someone help me please?

    Thank you for all your hard work, Bullgore!

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  36. Mod: John Deere 4850
    If you read the text, he is going to add a MR-version in a couple of days!

  37. Mod: John Deere 4850
    Excellent work as always modelleicher! Openable door and rear duals would make it perfect aswell as the MR-version you are planning! Thank you!

  38. Mod: GPS Mod
    Excellent mod! But i have a question:

    I set a seeder up, automatic width (6 meter) and i go to the field, i see the red lines and the green one. I set the gps up to stop and turn 8 meters before the edge of the field and to skip one row. How do i start it!?

    Do i press "H" as in helper? Or STRG-Big enter button? Or KP-Enter? I don't now how to start it :/

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  39. Mod: Fendt 312 TMS RED
    Hmm, i think you need to update, instead of the modder making it for 1.4. Why make a mod for an old patch? Most people only use the latest patch.

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  40. Mod: Fendt 312 TMS RED
    Sieht sehr gut aus! Möchten doch nur türen und fenster öffnen können. Dann hat sie 5/5!

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